Anime World Order Show # 54a - JACON 2007 Report

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Anime World Order Show # 54a - JACON 2007 Report

Wait, Show # 54...a? In an effort to release at least SOMETHING each week, we're releasing this episode one segment at a time. In this segment we'll give our convention report on JACON 2007. Normally we try and keep these con reports to about 30 minutes since most people listening did not attend this convention, but we failed at that. What could possibly make people want to listen to such a thing? Well, we already posted the Youtube video in Show #53, so I'll just have to put another one here:

Click Here to Download

Minions of Anime Hell: the full Panel OF DOOM report is located here. If you're thinking of wearing shoes that aren't The Pump after reading that...DON'T.

DON'T believe that there really is anime out there that Joey Snackpants thinks doesn't suck

DON'T have regrets that we didn't get recordings of Phil Lamarr reciting the Green Lantern oath using his "Dracula from Billy and Mandy" voice

DON'T make Daryl's archnemesis/the host of Budgeting for Cosplay and Cosplay Court angry by viewing this video

DON'T sabotage this poll by going there and voting for Snakes on a Plane

DON'T look at this picture...ALONE

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