Anime World Order Show # 78a - Look, Mr Takazawa! An AAAAA-NGEL!

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Anime World Order Show # 78a - Look, Mr Takazawa! An AAAAA-NGEL!

Once again, we're splitting this one in two due to the ever-increasing running time. In this first half, Gerald reviews Roujin Z and Daryl finally breaks his silence on Mamoru Oshii to talk about Angel's Egg.

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Show notes to come...maybe.

Introduction (0:00 - 34:15)
As we feebly attempt to make dents in our inbox, Daryl opts to answer an email from a year ago. Technically, he'd answered it a year ago, but this time we're reading it on the show: how do you keep track of which Lupin III is which? We recommend the Lupin the Third Encyclopedia. What's our take on this whole FUNimation thing? Are they the lord...of the martial world? Where do you find those old Streamline Pictures dubs at this point? And what are our thoughts on Slayers? Our response effectively means we no longer need to review Slayers, since we covered it all right here.

Promo: Robotronic Dynamite! (34:15 - 35:19)
Despite being around for over 70 episodes, it took Daryl's guest appearance on Robotronic Dynamite! to convince them to actually put a link to the podcast's feed up on the site, not just the iTunes-only version. Well, it's not there NOW, but it will be. Maybe.

Review: Roujin Z (35:19 - 59:08)
Gerald does the responsible thing by making his review be as long as how we initially envisioned our reviews to be. This is hands-down the best anime about a mechanical bed wrecking Japan ever made. A bold statement considering the tough competition it's got, yes.

Promo: Anime 3000 (59:08 - 1:00:19)
You hear that promo? How could you NOT go on this podcast after hearing that promo? Daryl sure couldn't not do it, which is why Daryl's guest appearance on Anime3000 was SOOOOO GOOOD [because he didn't need to edit anything]. The AWO's standing offer to be on your podcast as long as we don't have to edit anything STANDS, and that's true for all three of us. This is yet another podcast that did not have a link to their podcast feed until Daryl zoomed in and changed their lives FOR THE BETTER.

Review: Angel's Egg (1:00:19 - 1:44:21)
What better way to kick off a review of this than with one of those things done solely for the entertainment of various former guests of this very podcast? If you don't get it, worry not for there's corn pone a plenty. Daryl knuckles up and reviews this film, which he has taken to classifying as "the real sentais." Be warned that softer, weaker folk than the AWO, ones who never tempered their wills in the fires of Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight to the point of immunity simply won't have the power, patience, or will to sit through this movie. Nobody quite knows what it all means, so perhaps what you get out of it is an indication of that which consumes your being. On second thought, everybody who disagrees with us is wrong. We are the bastions of original thought, even when we're reading other people's writings and claiming them as our own ideas. WHICH WE'D NEVER DREAM OF DOING.

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