Anime World Order Show # 80 - Daryl Just Made You a Better Hero (Through Tragedy)

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Anime World Order Show # 80 - Daryl Just Made You a Better Hero (Through Tragedy)

With Show #80 begins Gerald's experiment, in which one host selects the anime that will be reviewed by the other two, rather than each person choosing on their own. Daryl is up first, and as such he is dragging everyone into the Madhouse...Studios, that is! Gerald's reviewing Kemonozume and Clarissa's reviewing Kaiba, both by Masaaki Yuasa. Meanwhile, Daryl himself shall speak of the grand masterpiece that is Goku: Midnight Eye!

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Introduction (0:00 - 26:55)
The Angry Otaku, who is angry that nobody else reads his blog or truly cares for him other than Daryl, sent in a voicemail regarding the wacky hijinks of North American companies releasing doujinshi in America. Not just any company, but Antarctic Press which thanks to furries is still kicking and teaching us that the easiest way to depict people with Down's Syndrome looking up is to just flip their head a full 180 degrees. We also get some clarification about the extended GaoGaiGar universe thanks to Carl over at Ogiue Maniax. But really, the BIG question nobody is asking until now is...what DO we think of Armitage the Third and Sol Bianca, anyway? We try our best to remember.

News? Nah, there's no news. Nothing really happened of note as of late. Oh wait. It's too long to fit in here, so we'll post it on its own. Onto what is philosophically known as "the REAL sentais":

Review: Kemonozume (26:55 - 43:27)
Gerald, having spent entirely too much time wallowing in absolute goddamned anime filth as of late, is given a chance by Daryl to wash himself clean by ways of watching through this series from 2006 that is guaranteed to be substantially different than whatever mind-numbing tripe the group hivethink which considers Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex to be "too boring" has forced him to put on at his weekly anime club meetings. You can take a man out of the anime ghetto...but can you take the anime ghetto out of the man? Warning: your ability to like the works of Masaaki Yuasa is directly proportional to your ability to like killer7. Note: if that link doesn't work, it's because the content management system for that site IS RETARDED. Also note that, as was the case with Mind Game, Benjamin Ettinger is the Most Dangerous Masaaki Yuasa fan on the Internet, so do peruse the Kemonozume posts on Anipages Daily to learn more.

Promo: Late Night Anime Review (43:27 - 43:47)
We would tell you what this podcast is about, except their About page links to the Wordpress sample page! Oh well, we can infer from the title that they review late night anime such as [checks] Bleach...Naruto...the live-action Dragonball...Advent Children--WAIT A SECOND

Review: Kaiba (43:47 - 1:09:17)
Clarissa, like all pre-Jerichoholics, has accepted mediocrity as excellence and has a fever...for which the only more Yuasa. But the only way to get her to take her medicine is to wrap it in her favorite item of consumption, which intelligence reports indicate is "pederasty." 2008's Kaiba is the answer! As always with Yuasa, what Benjamin Ettinger has written about Kaiba over at Anipages Daily is Dangerous, Most Dangerous. Pity that the only English-speaking people who really seem to know about and like Masaaki Yuasa's work enough to talk about it on the Internet are stoners. One step at a time...

Note: Rintaro did not direct My Youth in Arcadia. He directed the TV series Space Pirate Captain Harlock and the not-as-good Harlock: Endless Odyssey (released in the US as "Captain Herlock"). Refer to the old review here.

Promo: Videogame Cast (1:09:17 - 1:09:43)
Why is there a "W' in the abbreviation? There is no "W" in the name of the show! What, are they a terrestrial radio station located east of the Mississippi River? Is WVGC their call letter? It is a mystery! They did, however, watch and review Baoh. Now THAT'S what Gerald and Clarissa should rewatch!

Review: Goku: Midnight Eye (1:09:43 - 1:52:18)
Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Buichi Terasawa. All you need to know. But fine, pictures as promised:
Buichi Terasawa circa 1989. Kawajiri may not have that much hair anymore, but he still wears those shades. Terasawa's hair/shades combo, by contrast, is ETERNAL.
Although it's true that once you're sufficiently powerful you can dress however you damn well please, Goku's giving the cast of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure a run for their money with this outlandish getup. Like Colt 45, it works every time.
Some might call this a mere Easter egg, but TRUE BELIEVERS know that truck is actually going TO Cyber City Oedo 808. Which we can only assume is a few blocks away from where Goku: Midnight Eye takes place.
Repeat after me: NOT GAY.
Just as with Cyber City Oedo, this single image encapsulates whether or not you want to see this cartoon. The HK sub version currently floating around on the Internet sucks. Better subbed versions may pop up soon, but come on. Surely someone out there has THE DUB.

Closing (1:52:18 - 1:57:19)
Next time, it's Gerald's turn to select anime for everyone else to review. With such freedom to have others review virtually anything that can be viewed in about 4 hours, the anime selection one chooses as a result of this project truly shows what kind of human being they are deep down. As such, after roughly a month and a half of deliberation, Gerald has opted to have Clarissa review...Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman...and Daryl must review...Kekko Kamen. If these weren't EXCITING enough for you, Gerald has saved the ultimate excitement for himself since he will be reviewing...Battle Fairy Yukikaze. Contemplate this...on the tree of woe.

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